• 4 machines are set up in the "island principle"

  • We can bring in parts with a various geometry and arbitray numbers of pieces

  • Generally we produce in "lineproduction"

  • Within the production isles we work with multi-machine operation.

  • This results in short processing times

  • Our versatile machines offer a high flexibility

  • We deliver constant quality assurance by tchnical personnel as well as most
    modern test and measuring equipment in the air-conditioned compartment with
    ZEISS CONTURA G2 700 RDS - measuring machine

  • We are certified from our customers and we have the approval
    for manufacture of components in aerotechnics

  • We feel obligated to environmental protection and therefore observe the
    guidelines "2002/95/EG-2005/618/EG"




Production lots

Individual production up to approx. 10 pieces

Batch production from 10-100 pieces per lot up to approx. 1.000 pieces annual

Medium series from approx. 2.000 pieces per lotup to approx. 20.000 pieces
annual requirement

High volume from approx. 20.000 pieces per lot to unlimited

Regular in-house auditions by the QA departments of our customers confirm
our high quality standard.